We Care About Our Environment

Since its inception, Jindal Shadeed has striven to embed environmental concerns and relevant issues within the framework of its business decisions. We are fully aware of the environmental impact of our activities and have strong policies, state of the art technologies and performance culture in place to ensure that our businesses create and maximize positive impact on the environment.

Jindal Shadeed is one of the Greenest Steel Plant in the world. We have implemented Environmental Management System certified to the ISO 14000 standard. Our facilities are certified with UK CARES Sustainability Certificate, BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certificate and BRE Environmental Production Declaration (EPD) Certificate.

CO2 Intensity of our steel making operation is 1.05 t CO2 /ton of crude steel (scope 1 + scope 2) which is one of the best CO2intensity values in the Iron and Steel Sector.

Environment Management

  • Environmental Management System that has been certified to meet the requirement of international standard ISO 14001:2015
  • Implemented Sustainability Management Systems that have been certified to meet the requirement of UK CARES Sustainable Certificate, Responsible Sourcing Certificate and Environmental Product Declaration Certificate
  • Complying with European Union BAT Norms which are more stringent than Oman Norms. Dust level is maintained below 10 mg/Nm3.
  • JSIS is the only Steel Plant in Oman treating and processing slag generated from the Steel Melt Shop
  • Several energy saving initiatives in DRI, SMS and SRM. CO2 Intensity of our steel making operation is 1.05t CO2-e/t crude steel (scope1 + scope2) which is one of the best CO2 intensity value in the Iron and Steel Sector
  • 100% reuse of blow down water in greenery development and slag cooling
  • First steel plant in Oman sharing real time Ambient Air Monitoring Data with Environment Authority
  • 100% compliance with local and international environmental norms by complying with all the applicable environmental rules and regulations and stringently monitoring the compliance requirement
  • Maintaining 15000 big trees and lawns of 85000 m2 area. Entire periphery of the plant premises is covered with trees of about 40 ft height.
  • Using alternative raw materials in the steel making process to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • Creating environmental awareness in all employees through appropriate training
  • Practicing the “Best Available Techniques” approach for benchmarking of our environmental performance
  • Working collaboratively with our customers, vendors, and the surrounding community on environmental issues
  • Continuously striving to minimize consumption of resources and recycling wastes
  • All by-products generated from DRI, SMS and Rolling Mill are recycled
  • Achieving and going beyond industry’s benchmarks in the areas of environmental performance and other process parameters