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Jindal Shadeed has an impressive line-up of assets and facilities, geared up to fulfil the global demand for steel from Oman as well as those from Western Asia and Africa.

Unveiling Excellence: Inside our cutting-edge plant

Welcome to an immersive journey into the heart of JSIS and witness the innovative processes and cutting-edge technologies that power our operations.

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Plant

JSIS operates a 1.8 MTPA Gas based Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Plant which produces Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) and Hot DRI (HDRI). The DRI Furnace is supplied by Midrex Technologies, USA and is first of its kind having a Hot Direct Charging Technology through gravity feed. This facility enables charging of HDRI at temperatures of 600-650 degrees, directly to Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) resulting in heat energy efficiency. Our DRI Tower is one of the largest in Midrex plant with 148m elevation and also the third fastest plant to achieve 10 million tons’ production. Our DRI Plant Technology comprises of Vertical shaft furnace, Reformer, Heat Recovery Unit, Sealed gas system and Natural Gas pre-treatment system. The spent gas which comes out of furnace and the flue gas from the Reformer are effectively re-used within the process and there is no wastage of gas from the process. It is an environmental friendly process and the emissions are maintained well within the limits as per European Union Environmental Norms.

Steel Melt Shop:

Our SMS plant consists of State of the Art steel making facilities with the best features in terms of product range and productivity. The technological solution is characterized by our focus on high quality, efficiency and productivity facilities, through which it is possible to achieve extremely efficient operating results with low manpower and specific energy consumption, thereby making the plant highly competitive, within its class.

The 2.4 MTPA SMS facilities, primarily consist of:

Primary Steel making unit:

  • 200 Ton Electric Arc Furnace: A State of the art technology to produce Liquid Steel, using Direct Hot charging facility of HDRI.
  • 200 Ton Ladle Furnace: The ladle furnace is used to heat up, refine, hold and to finish all kinds of molten metals. The heating is done by Graphite electrodes.
  • 200 Ton Vacuum Degassing Furnace: Helps to remove undesirable gases (H, N, O) and other impurities, to produce special chemistry and quality steels used in specific applications like forging, etc.
  • Continuous Casting Machines: to cast Square / Round Billets and Blooms.
  • JSIS is the only plant in GCC having these facilities.

Rebar Mill :

Jindal Shadeed operates a 1.4 MTPA Rebar Rolling Mill with 'state-of-the-art technology' and equipment set up in collaboration with Danieli, Italy. This mill is capable of producing reinforcement steel bars conforming to all International Standards in sizes 8mm to 40mm.

Our Rolling mill uses the superior and clean Steel Billets produced in house.

The Rolling mill process includes:

  • Direct Hot Charging
  • Reheating furnace
  • High pressure descaler
  • V-H combination rolling mill (no twist mill)
  • Heat treatment equipment with BGV for premium finish (With Tungsten Carbide Rings) Quenched and Tempered Bar (QTB) technology
  • Twin 8 Strand fast finishing block with 45 m/s max speed
  • Tungsten Carbide rings ensure better surface finish and high quality dimensional control
  • Automatic bundling

The production of Jindal Panther Rebars involves a combination of plastic deformation of steel in its austenitic stage followed by quenching and further tempering.

Technically equipped pulpits or control rooms allow stringent process controls at each critical operation, ensuring uniform properties & dimensions in each rebar.

Jindal Panther Rebars are manufactured using Quenched and Tempered Bar (QTB) and Self Tempering Technology, which result in high strength and ductility due to fine grain multiphase composite structures.

Rebars have a soft ferrite and pearlite fine grained core and a strong and tough tempered martensitic layer making it ideal for high rises, dams, bridges, individual houses and critical structures where high yield strength is required, without compromising on the elongation properties.

They also meet the Ultimate Tensile Strength to Yield Strength (UTS/YS) ration and high percentage elongation, producing a superior earthquake resistant quality due to high energy absorption capability.

The state of the art processes used to manufacture Jindal Panther Rebars coupled with most modern Steel Making and Refining Processes; resulting in a clean and homogeneous steel quality.

Jindal Shadeed is committed to provide complete customer satisfaction with respect to quality, delivery and services.


Jindal Shadeed has a 600 mtrs long captive jetty with 2 Nos of ship loaders/un-loaders to handle import and export activity. It can accommodate very large capacity vessels upto 180000 mt dwt with draft of 19 mtrs.

The Company has been allocated two berths at the Port of Sohar, Sultanate of Oman for its dedicated use. The Port of Sohar is managed and operated by SIPC. The SIPC Rules are updated by SIPC from tìme to tìme and the current versions are available at their Internet website, www.portofsohar.com

Our terminal is equipped with 2 Nos. State of Art ZPMC Grab type Ship Unloader and loader. ZPMC Shịp Unloaders are attached to Belt-conveyors which in turn feed the cargo to Stacker attached to it for stacking the cargo at designated yards.